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Weekend Project - Hive #4

Sorry for the late post (this should have been done a number of days ago).

After a long weekend of late caffeine filled nights and smoking keyboards, Hive was born.

We launched into beta, as planned, on Monday (21/03/11), to a select bunch of friends and we will be opening up the beta after a few bug fixes after this coming weekend.

As we’ve previously posted, Hive was created using the tools Diswo offers. So which did we make the most of? Well, we mainly used the communication tools within Diswo (wall posting, project boards and simple messaging). We also utilised the free project file space that Diswo offers - it was great for sharing UI screen shots and requirements files.

All in all a very fun project working with a bunch of great people from around the globe. And this is just the beginning for Hive!


Weekend Project - Hive #3

Right, Hive app is quickly making progress. Alot of the backend code (written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework) has been developed. The user interface design has been selected and we’re rapidly coding that.

Yesterday we purchased the domain we plan on using to access Hive. Despite a few hiccups choosing domains that were not available, we finally came up with 


Well Hive is the name of the concept and it’s an application (hence the app)! We struggled to find a top level domain (TLD) when looking at alternative domain names and was also taken. The team shortlisted down to a choice of 3 TLDs for HiveApp:, and And quite honestly we couldn’t turn down a .be considering the theme of our application!

Launch Time

We are aiming to launch Hive asap into Beta which could be as early as tonight but probably tomorrow (21/03/2011).


Weekend Project - Hive #2

Ok so we’ve finally decided a name for the weekend project that we’re managing through Diswo; it’ll be called Hive.

Hive is a community based link sharing and bookmarking application which will be perfect for student communities, web teams, journalists… the list goes on…

It’s a dedicated team of 5 from across the globe locations include UK, US, Canada and Indonesia.

Our progress so far is a lot of chat! We’re planning our route covering topics like versioning, infrastructure and web technologies. Initial wireframes have been knocked up and the first lines of code are eagerly in sight!


Weekend Project

So commencing this weekend (18th-20th March) we’re tackling a weekend project and guess what we’re using to collaborate and co-ordinate it all? Yep you guessed it, Diswo!

The project the team will be working on is a group sharing social bookmarking app and the name is still to be confirmed (currently have the list down to two).

We’ll be keeping both our Twitter and this blog up-to-date with our progress!

Wish us luck!

~Team Diswo and the Elite Weekend Project Team


The Beta Launch

Last Tuesday (1/03/11) we launched Diswo into an invite-only beta. We felt it was about time we started getting feedback from our intended user base. 

So far we’ve addressed a couple of issues which have popped up - mainly to do with some of the web forms in the application and some styling issues which have arisen.

We were a bit apprehensive prior to the launch and we’re pleased to say that it’s gone off without too big a hitch. 

If you would like to get involved in our beta please register your interest at

~Team Diswo


Progress Update 19/02/2010

Busy, busy, busy. 

We’ve decided that we will be opening our doors to a private beta starting March 1st. The team has been really spurred on by this and we’re completely focussed on tying up loose ends and making the functionality as tight as possible for the beta. Throughout the beta we will be monitoring performance and user interaction. The Diswo team will also be asking for feedback from our users during the period.

We are already planning new and exciting features to be launched in the weeks following the beta unveil. 

Earlier in the year we conducted some usability testing and we’ve taken on the feedback from our victims which has hopefully improved the usability of the application. 

If you’d like to take part in our beta then tune back on March 1st for details on how to apply. If you are already a part of a project team and would like some free project management and collaboration software please get in touch via Twitter (@diswo) and we’ll discuss how you can move your team to the beta.

~Team Diswo


Diswo Positions

At the end of 2010 the Diswo team welcomed a new team member to fulfil a design advisory role for the web application. Christine has helped influence design and UI decisions which have ultimately lead to a more positive user experience.

The Diswo team is once again looking to expand as we are in need of a couple new team members:

  • Marketing Guru: an experienced individual is needed with previous experience with online marketing and public relations. The individual would fill a new position within the Diswo team and would be responsible for managing the Diswo social media avenues and developing and implementing a marketing strategy.
  • Illustrator: a creative and proficient illustrator is required to develop ideas and illustrations for the external Diswo screens. The individual must have previous experience designing for the web. Experience developing user interfaces would also be useful. 

If you are someone, or you know someone, who would fill either of these positions please get in touch. Please note that location is not defined to a particular location and as long as you are on planet Earth there is no reason why location should prevent you from applying. Also, fluent English will be necessary for both roles.

Get in touch via our Twitter account @diswo.

~Team Diswo


Happy New Year!

2010 has been a great year for Diswo. It was where we first got the ball rolling for the Diswo project. We streamlined and developed our initial ideas, put together a talented design and development team and completed the majority of the development of the application.

Whilst 2010 was great, 2011 is set to be even bigger and better for Diswo. 2011 will be the year we are finally able to start truly testing the application and it’s user interface. We have usability testing planned to take place in the first couple of months which will allow us then to launch Diswo in an invite-only private-beta. Assuming all goes well, the web-app will be open to everyone in Q1 this year.

So thank you for all your support so far and your continued support into the new year.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011.

~Team Diswo


Diswo Jobs

The Diswo team needs a designer to come join us. 

What we are looking for:

  • An experienced web app designer.
  • Good knowledge of social networks.
  • Happy to work in virtual teams.
  • Experience in UX design would also be a plus.
  • HTML/CSS knowledge would be a plus but is not essential.
  • Previous experience with collaboration software would be helpful.

If you know someone who may be interested or you are interested yourself, send us a message on Twitter (@diswo).

~Team Diswo


Progress Update 23/12/2010

So in the last week we’re still heavily concentrating on the functionality of the web app. We’ve been paying particular attention to all our validation of forms, which is something we’ve been neglecting up until now - boring stuff, but certainly necessary. 

We happy to also say there has been a lot of people pre-registering for the Diswo web app which has been really uplifting for the team. It’s been great to see so many people expressing interest in the idea. Those that have pre-registered on the site will be invited to take part in usability testing to ensure that the product we release is easy to use and the interface is as simple as possible.

If you would like to pre-register please go to and sign up!

Until next time,

~Team Diswo

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